Test Information

The following guidelines are related to the Theory and Hazard Perception tests as provided by the DSA. It is important that you read this information carefully and understand this information fully as it could affect the results that you achieve in the appropriate tests.

Theory Test:

  • The theory test has a duration of approximately 57 minutes
  • The theory test consists of 50 questions
  • To pass this test you need to answer 43 or more questions correctly – anything less than this will result in you failing the test

Hazard Pecrception Test:

  • The hazard perception test consists of 14 videos which contain hazard(s)
  • The test will last a total of 20 minutes
  • 13 videos will have one (1) hazard
  • 1 video will have two (2) hazards
  • Each hazard will be awarded a maximum of 5 points going down to 0 (zero) points if you fail to spot the hazard
  • The maximum number of points that can be achieved are 75 points made up of the following:
    1. 13 x single hazard at 5 points each giving a total of 65 points
    2. 1 x dual hazard at 5 points per hazard giving a total of 10 points
    3. This gives a maximum total achievable of 75 points
  • To pass this test you need to achieve a total of 44 points – anything less than this will result in you failing the test

Important Note:

In the hazard perception test do not click at random or many times in trying to spot the hazard as the software will automatically give you a zero score for that particular video clip….so be warned. You will not be allowed more time to finish the tests than that is specified.


Important Information on Question & Video Databank Chapters

Section 1……Alertness
Section 2……Attitude
Section 3……Safety and your vehicle
Section 4……Safety margins
Section 5……Hazard awareness
Section 6……Vulnerable road users
Section 7……Other types of vehicles
Section 8……Vehicle handling
Section 9……Motorway rules
Section 10…..Rules of the road
Section 11…..Road and traffic signs
Section 12…..Documents
Section 13…..Incidents, accidents & emergencies
Section 14…..Vehicle loading

All the questions in the theory test and the hazards contained within the hazard perception video will be taken from the 14 categories as given above.

Please note that the description field contained in our practice tests (on the right hand side) describe the general nature of the question.  Please read this carefully and ensure that you understand the topic concerning the question and that you do not ‘just remember’ the answers to the questions.  If you are unsure of any descriptions, questions or hazard perceptions please contact your Abel driving instructors.